A New Year Calls for a Fresh Look at Your Customer Loyalty Program

One of the first things people do at the start of the new year is make New Year’s resolutions, and that’s definitely a good practice when it comes to your business as well. It’s a great time to,. Continue Reading

Avoid the Frowny Faces: Keeping Customers Happy During the Holidays

During the holiday season, sales in retail stores skyrocket as U.S. online spending is expected to grow 14.8% this year, totaling $124.1 billion dollars. Meanwhile, traditional brick-and-mortar sales. Continue Reading

Benefits of a Brand Ambassador Program

In a crowded marketplace with evolving consumer options, getting potential customers to notice your brand over the competition is one of the hardest parts of securing new business. So what can you do. Continue Reading

Are You a Modern Retailer?

Retail is changing fast! To stay relevant, retailers are challenged with offering shoppers a creative experience while also delivering top convenience and competitive prices. How is your retail. Continue Reading

Direct Opinions Named 2018 Partner of the Year Award for The DiJulius Group

Direct Opinions is thrilled to congratulate our very own Darlene Campagna on receiving The DiJulius Group 2018 Partner of the Year award. The award, which includes an adorable bobble head replica of. Continue Reading

How To Conduct Killer Competitive Intelligence When Starting Up a Startup

  There are a lot of great guides out there on conducting competitive intelligence. Unfortunately, most of these guides were written before things like social media became an integral part of our. Continue Reading

How to Manage Employee Engagement this Holiday Season

Like a perfect storm, the holidays and end of year objectives all come dashing through the snow at once. As a manager or supervisor, it can be difficult to keep employees on task when shopping lists. Continue Reading

Sometimes You Win When You Lose

Recently, I shared a piece of advice with someone, and she said it helped her at work and home.  With Thanksgiving next week, and knowing that family relationships can be even more complicated than. Continue Reading

Where Does Your Customer's Loyalty Lie?

Every time a customer interacts with your brand is a chance to transition them from a one time consumer to a loyal brand advocate. Brand advocates return to your product or service time and time. Continue Reading

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