Show Your Employees You LOVE Them

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Valentine’s Day is not just about romance. It’s also a day to simply show people you care, making it a perfect time to give your employees some love. Showing your workforce appreciation is not something that should be done once a year during their annual review, but regularly and frequently. For a successful business, having happy and engaged employees, with a strong workplace culture, is one of the keys to business success.

Give and You Shall Receive

The statistics supporting the importance of employee engagement are telling:


Satisfied employees can produce many positives for their employer. Not only is their staff eager to work, but they work harder with less absenteeism and are less likely to look for outside employment. They also give a higher degree of attention to detail and have a sense of ownership over their work, feeling more invested.


Companies have also found that satisfied staff have a greater willingness to take on any project, including tasks with higher levels of responsibility. Happy employees also help create a positive work environment for others. In the end, showing your staff love equals greater productivity and profitability.


Gifts of Love and Appreciation

So what are some of the best ways to show your employees you care? Appropriate compensation is a good start. However, it’s important to know that money is not always the most important factor to employees. Flexibility is another big selling point—flexible hours and flexible vacation. Everyone’s lives and schedules are different and having some wiggle room for your staff’s hours and vacation time is very appealing. Along with providing medical insurance, these are the basic benefits employees want, and so it’s important to offer those.


However, “the fluff” is important too—meaning the fun, additional perks: for example, coffee, food or a meal, casual Fridays, celebrations and parties, company field trips, updating their software and equipment, along with access to your company’s products. Furthering education is another perk that employees appreciate. This fluff helps create that positive energy in the workplace, as well as bonding experiences for you and your team.


Honestly though, the best way to show your employees some love is through communication. Mostly by praising your staff effectively and regularly—with words. Your workforce needs that encouragement. So acknowledge a job well done—even the small wins—not only privately, but in meetings and in front of others. It gives people that sense of pride and motivates others when they see a colleague recognized. Another important way to communicate is to try to relate to your employees and to go above and beyond to help them when they need it. More often than not, employees leave because of the boss—not because of the lack of pay.


How to Measure Employee Engagement

Think beyond Valentine’s Day, and past Employee Appreciation Day (which is March 1, 2019). Make staff appreciation a regular task on your to do list, and you’ll find that love is all around. To help you measure employee engagement and determine how you can most effectively spread the love around, contact Direct Opinions.