How To Do More With Less: How Small Businesses Compete With Larger Corporations

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Larger corporations can often overshadow small businesses because they have the larger budget and the larger work force. If you're running a small business, don't settle and let this be your story. By focusing on  what matters, customer and employee experience, your small business will be able to standout against the big dogs in the industry. Your small business can do more with less and compete with larger corporations by focusing on the basics and fundamental building blocks of your success.

Engaged Employees -  Employee engagement has a direct correlation to ROI. When employees are engaged they feel that their personal values and motives correlate to those of the business. Engaged employees are those who are motivated by the success of the business and take ownership over their role. Engaged employees are not only your workforce but they're the first advocates your customers have contact with.

Authentic Interactions - Consumers will always value a business that puts authentic interactions at their forefront. When customers contact your call center they will become loyal to your brand the moment they hear a human on the other end. According to an American Express survey, roughly 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration because they could not speak to a real person. Be the small business that wins 67% more business because you're providing customers with stress free service.

Consistency - Anytime customers interact with your business and brand, provide them with a consistent experience that keeps them coming back for more. This happens when every employee is focused on the same goal and mission. Train and educate employees to be consistent when providing tech support, sales pitches and customer service. When customers can depend on your business to provide them with a positive experience every time, you have the chance  to standout against the larger corporations.

Social Media - Social media is the perfect avenue to create strong relationships with your customers and turn them into brand advocates. Create relatable, useful and unique content that will attract consumers to your brand. Anyone who takes the time and effort to create a concise social media strategy has the ability to make an impact, no matter the budget.

Actionable Insights - Actionable insights often tell you what customers are struggling with, and the solution to the problem is typically not far down the line. Partnering with a competitive customer survey company is the best way to ensure you're asking customers the right questions so you can provide them with the solution their looking for. Direct Opinions is a competitive intelligence company that can provide you with the actionable insights a small business can thrive on.

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