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Wait, Don't Go! How to Bring Lost Customers Back

We may not want it to be true, but despite all our best efforts, it happens: Customers leave. It’s a part of business and is often something we can’t predict or avoid. With the average customer. Continue Reading

How Are New Customers Finding You?

New customers are vital to the survival of any business. With the focus so often being on creating a strong online presence and reaching as many new consumers as possible, most business owners focus. Continue Reading

Benefits of a Brand Ambassador Program

In a crowded marketplace with evolving consumer options, getting potential customers to notice your brand over the competition is one of the hardest parts of securing new business. So what can you do. Continue Reading

Where Does Your Customer's Loyalty Lie?

Every time a customer interacts with your brand is a chance to transition them from a one time consumer to a loyal brand advocate. Brand advocates return to your product or service time and time. Continue Reading

Take Ownership of Your Brand and Customers Will Follow Suit

We're all quick to take ownership of positive things in our daily lives, whether that means announcing what dish you made at a family party or posting our latest accomplishments on social. Continue Reading

3 Business Secrets to Running a Successful Organization

Running a business is more viable than it was in the past, but it’s just as difficult as ever. Though individuals have access to incredible technology that can help them start companies, they still. Continue Reading

What Media Influencers Mean for Audience Reach

When looking to try a new product or make a purchasing decision, do you listen to friends and family for their advice? And if a friend highly recommended a brand or business to you, would you be. Continue Reading

Brand Advocates, The Body and Blood of Your Organization

Brand Advocates are customers who have bought and used your product or service and were pleased with the experience. Think of Advocates as being authentic "advertisers" for your brand, forming. Continue Reading

3 Ways to Evoke Brand Passion Via Social Media

In today's hectic and ever-changing industry, brand advocates are more important than ever. Using social media as an avenue to reach consumers is not a only a smart business strategy, but 100%. Continue Reading

Never Underestimate the Importance of Customer Loyalty in Your Branding

Coming up with a brand for your company is something that takes time, thought, and a lot of trial and error. Many companies that have achieved massive brand loyalty are companies that have achieved. Continue Reading

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