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Let's Get Personal

Let's Get Personal with Your Customer Outreach

Prospects and customers in today’s market crave personalized content. They want to feel like they are recognized, listened to and understood—they want an emotional connection. In fact, over 78% of. Continue Reading

Are Your Employees Loyal?

Enthusiasm is contagious—especially in the workplace. Happy, loyal employees work harder and stay with you longer, resulting in a higher level of production, a harmonious work environment, content. Continue Reading

Why NPS® Isn't Enough Anymore

Understanding your customers is, of course, an important piece to the puzzle that builds a successful business. But it can be difficult to predict what influences purchasing decisions and what drives. Continue Reading

How to Manage Employee Engagement this Holiday Season

Like a perfect storm, the holidays and end of year objectives all come dashing through the snow at once. As a manager or supervisor, it can be difficult to keep employees on task when shopping lists. Continue Reading

Sometimes You Win When You Lose

Recently, I shared a piece of advice with someone, and she said it helped her at work and home.  With Thanksgiving next week, and knowing that family relationships can be even more complicated than. Continue Reading

Fear this Four-Letter Word in Your Company Culture

There is a four-letter word wreaking havoc in organizations, yet also driving innovation…FEAR. Some will tell you to try to stomp it out because the negative influence can damage a company culture. Continue Reading

3 Tips to Improve How Your Business Handles Customers

Running a business can be extremely difficult because of how many important aspects there are that you have to focus on. You might have the best product in the world, the best sales staff, and the. Continue Reading

How To Do More With Less: How Small Businesses Compete With Larger Corporations

Larger corporations can often overshadow small businesses because they have the larger budget and the larger work force. If you're running a small business, don't settle and let this be your story.. Continue Reading

4 Ways to Improve Your Business and Compete With Large Corporations

If you're running a small business, it can be extremely difficult to compete with larger companies. Because you don't have as gigantic a budget as these larger organizations, you'll have to find. Continue Reading

The Recent Decline in Employee Engagement and What To Do About it

Employees are the beating heart of any organization. When a business is lucky enough to have employees who are truly vested in helping reach the organization’s goals, it is much more likely to find. Continue Reading

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