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A New Year Calls for a Fresh Look at Your Customer Loyalty Program

One of the first things people do at the start of the new year is make New Year’s resolutions, and that’s definitely a good practice when it comes to your business as well. It’s a great time to,. Continue Reading

Where Does Your Customer's Loyalty Lie?

Every time a customer interacts with your brand is a chance to transition them from a one time consumer to a loyal brand advocate. Brand advocates return to your product or service time and time. Continue Reading

Customer Surveys are Worthless Without Actionable Insights

Consumers today have more avenues than ever to express their opinions or experiences with or about a brand. Upset customers will take to social media to share photos of a poor food presentation or,. Continue Reading

Become the Benchmark by Measuring Customer Expectations

Today, in a world of social media and analytical reports, it's difficult to not always feel like we're competing. In the business sphere, companies will spend thousand of dollars comparing themselves. Continue Reading

Brand Advocates, The Body and Blood of Your Organization

Brand Advocates are customers who have bought and used your product or service and were pleased with the experience. Think of Advocates as being authentic "advertisers" for your brand, forming. Continue Reading

Never Underestimate the Importance of Customer Loyalty in Your Branding

Coming up with a brand for your company is something that takes time, thought, and a lot of trial and error. Many companies that have achieved massive brand loyalty are companies that have achieved. Continue Reading

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