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Let's Get Personal

Let's Get Personal with Your Customer Outreach

Prospects and customers in today’s market crave personalized content. They want to feel like they are recognized, listened to and understood—they want an emotional connection. In fact, over 78% of. Continue Reading

Make Your First Impression Count

Seven seconds. That’s all the time you get to make a good first impression. It feels unfair that that’s all you have. After all, that is the same amount of time it takes to sing the alphabet or paint. Continue Reading

Why NPS® Isn't Enough Anymore

Understanding your customers is, of course, an important piece to the puzzle that builds a successful business. But it can be difficult to predict what influences purchasing decisions and what drives. Continue Reading

Avoid the Frowny Faces: Keeping Customers Happy During the Holidays

During the holiday season, sales in retail stores skyrocket as U.S. online spending is expected to grow 14.8% this year, totaling $124.1 billion dollars. Meanwhile, traditional brick-and-mortar sales. Continue Reading

Take Ownership of Your Brand and Customers Will Follow Suit

We're all quick to take ownership of positive things in our daily lives, whether that means announcing what dish you made at a family party or posting our latest accomplishments on social. Continue Reading

3 Business Secrets to Running a Successful Organization

Running a business is more viable than it was in the past, but it’s just as difficult as ever. Though individuals have access to incredible technology that can help them start companies, they still. Continue Reading

Don't Let Your Business Fail: Beware of These Common Mistakes

Running a successful company can be extremely difficult because you have to focus on so many aspects of business. Not only do you have to handle all your company’s finances, you also have to make. Continue Reading

Why You Shouldn't Fear Customer Reviews, Even If They're Bad

Sometimes we fear asking our friends or family for their opinions if we know we won't like their answers.  While the pill may be tough to swallow, the people closest to us often know best. The same. Continue Reading

Customer Surveys are Worthless Without Actionable Insights

Consumers today have more avenues than ever to express their opinions or experiences with or about a brand. Upset customers will take to social media to share photos of a poor food presentation or,. Continue Reading

Become the Benchmark by Measuring Customer Expectations

Today, in a world of social media and analytical reports, it's difficult to not always feel like we're competing. In the business sphere, companies will spend thousand of dollars comparing themselves. Continue Reading

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