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Let's Get Personal

Let's Get Personal with Your Customer Outreach

Prospects and customers in today’s market crave personalized content. They want to feel like they are recognized, listened to and understood—they want an emotional connection. In fact, over 78% of. Continue Reading

Pick Me! Comparing Competitive Products

Whether it’s a simple choice like selecting a new bottle of shampoo, or intricate like choosing a cell phone service provider, today’s market is overflowing with options, making it difficult for. Continue Reading

The Stalking Game: Are You Staying Ahead of Your Competition?

When most people hear the word stalker, a bitter ex-lover comes to mind. But when it comes to business, knowing your competition well is important to success in today’s competitive market. So, in. Continue Reading

Time for Strategic Planning? Why You Need Three Inputs ASAP

The higher we climb the corporate ladder, the wider the distance between ourselves and frontline employees who make products and deliver service to our customers.  As organizations grow, we begin to. Continue Reading

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